If you’re tired of the same old restaurant and café routine, then check out these alternative date ideas for fun time out in Brisbane.

An Afternoon at the Beach

There’s nothing better than some fun in the sun with your loved one, especially when temperatures are relatively mild. The two of you can put on your cutest pair of beach shorts and sandals, and take a relaxing, romantic stroll by the waves.

Beaches like the Noosa Main Beach and the Streets Beach are perfect destinations for a picnic. So grab a picnic basket, stuff it with your favourite bottle of wine and a box of chocolates and hit the sands. If your partner is the manly kind, it might be a better idea to swap the picnic basket for a small grill and some meat cuts.

Hit a Gay Club

If you’d like to take your partner to a luxury gay club Brisbane has plenty to offer. You can easily find a few popular ones that have an erotic cinema, live shows and more. If you and your partner aren’t afraid to get kinky, you could even try specially-designed glory-hole bathrooms. Safety is always a concern when entering clubs of this fashion but there’s honestly nothing to worry about. Brisbane has quite a laid-back and open gay culture, plus these institutions take the safety and comfort of their customers very seriously.

Go To a Wine-Tasting

Casual dates are easy to pull off but they tend to get boring after a while. Hence, why not class it up by attending a wine tasting with your partner? Sure, it can get a bit expensive but it’s well worth it in our opinion.

Wine tasting are quite relaxing and they give you a chance to relax while having a nice conversation with your partner. Additionally, you’ll learn a lot about the brewing process and discover some new wine that you might enjoy a lot. If you’re lucky, you might even meet a few other gay couples at these events. 

Horseback Riding

Want to feel like a couple of cowboys for a day? Then take your partner horseback riding. Horseback riding isn’t just fun but it makes for a great photo op as well. You and better half can gear up with some cute cowboy attire and live out your favourite moments from Brokeback Mountain.

Attend a Musical

If you haven’t yet attended a couple of live musicals or theatre productions with your partner, are you even a gay couple? Instead of going to the movie theatre for the millionth time, why not change things up a bit and attend a local production? Musicals are an entirely different experience altogether. There’s something about a live performance– a certain ‘rawness’ that movies just can’t match up to.

Who knows, you might actually discover some amazing talent in your own town. Plus you’re more than likely to run into other gay couples at these events.

A date shouldn’t always have to involve a restaurant or a café. If you’re looking to break routine and do something really fun for a change, then the above five ideas should help you get stated.

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