In this digital age, there’s countless ways for a small business to rise up the ranks. With so much variety, there’s no way any two campaigns could ever be the same but it’s worth remembering that no matter how diverse online marketing campaign options can get, there’s always a set of principles that are fundamental to any company. Here’s what you need to focus on:


A good part of running a business is knowing when to trust your instincts and take calculated risks. But you can’t run off instincts alone. Especially if there may be objective evidence that contradicts your instincts, you need to be aware of it before any concrete decisions are made. Research as much as possible into your target consumers. Understand how effective your campaigns are- for example, are you getting more purchases through social media or direct mail? You can strategize and focus your efforts on the answers you get by using SEO in Geelong.

The Audience

As much as you may like to target everyone and maximize the number of potential customers you have, this reduces your efficiency. It’s better that you target a niche audience with an effective message that you know will definitely reach them. Research into your demographics and spend a lot of time getting to know them. Find out everything about what they find important, their dislikes and likes, how they think during the purchasing process etc.


Your brand is definitely something you need to be consistent with. This is something you want customers to relate to and bond with over time so you can’t really expect this of them if you keep changing your values and image. You’re allowed to add more positive values but hold on to what you’ve already established simultaneously. If you haven’t made yourself well-established and you’re just starting off, this is the wisest time to make amendments.


Be very careful when it comes to your budget. Essentially an effective marketing campaign will have a positive return on investment. While overspending on tactics you know little about is a problem, so is underspending while trying to save as much as possible.

The Channel

Each marketing channel has its own pros and cons. Understand each and every one of them before you go about making your decision about which channel to focus more of your efforts on for a relevant aspect. For example, email marketing is far better for offers. Platforms like LinkedIn can work better for B2B companies. Likewise, look at all your options and use each channel to the fullest capacity.


Devising a successful marketing campaign depends entirely on the data you manage to gather. It tells you what’s working in your favour and what you should be dropping and even if you don’t happen to need it at the moment, it’s always better to have this information available on standby. Make sure that you take the time after each campaign to evaluate the results. All this is pointless if you don’t evaluate, adjust and make yourself better.

These are the essentials of a successful marketing strategy- any business would need these foundational values to take flight.

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