Tired of your bland, boring office? A lot of your workers are too. They just won’t tell you. Many studies show that not only a good work environment, but a good-looking office will help boost productivity with your workers. But how are you going to start? There’re so many ways to do it, I know- it may be overwhelming. I’ll show you where to start.  Let’s get to it.

You Could Do It Yourself?

Probably the hardest, yet easiest way to achieve results, you and your team could transform your office from a cubed jungle to an innovative masterpiece. However, no heavy duty work could be manageable without a team of experts, but a decent job could be achieved. How? Well, start off with a fresh coat of paint. Ditch the monotone colours and grab something vibrant. Studies have shown that blue increases productivity, so paint your office a nice coat of deep blue. This fresh color change is a good start and would already liven the place up.

Not only for the walls, but you could paint your furniture as well.  Stick to a colour theme, or scheme. If your walls are blue, paint your furniture in combinations of other shades of the color, or, if you’re feeling bold, paint them shades that contrast the colour on the wall- this would surely create a powerful sense of vibrancy in the workplace.  You could also stick to a rather monotoned wall, probably coated in grey paint, but  keep the furniture a vibrant colour- in my opinion, this is my favorite option.

It doesn’t have to be just paint, you could write or frame inspirational quotes on the wall. This will make a nice accent across the room and would match with my next suggestion; liven the place up with plants. My plant of choice are succulents as not only are they chic and would fit a modern office environment but having them around may even boost office morale as many people find the plants absolutely adorable!

Maybe A Professional Could Help?

It’s good if you want to take things into your own hands but there’s only so much you can do unless you’re handy with heavy machinery. Last year, I wasn’t happy with just my alterations to my office space, so I was prowling the net for office fitouts wollongong, and I COMPLETELY altered my office, and I’ll tell you how. I got a professional company to come in and revamp my office, tearing down walls and getting rid of the cubicles littering across the room, allowing for a very open air like feel that felt quite refreshing and not so claustrophobic as it did before.

Continuously, the meeting room was soon adjusted, surrounded by complete glass allowing for light to surge through the room. It felt so modern.

Soon, this could be you. You’ll have the office of your dreams, don’t worry. My workers loved it! Hopefully, I inspired you in new ways to renovate your own workspace.

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