The ultimate goal of planning an event is satisfying the attendees. If you manage to do this, your job can be considered successful. You don’t have to have a large-scale, pricey event to see to the needs of your attendees, instead there are few simple steps to carry out to make them feel appreciated. Here’s what you need to do if you want to successfully satisfy your attendees.


The best way to see to their needs is to get to know them. By opening up a simple conversation, you set yourself apart from your competition and show them that you actually care enough to ask. Ask them about their problems with the company and where they feel improvements could be made. You can also outline the CSR activities your company does, any charities you’re invested in just to show that you’re not all talk.

Acknowledge Them

You need to take things a step further and show your attendees that you value them by individually acknowledging them. Using their first name in conversations will definitely get you points. Everybody loves to feel important. Use this technique to make them feel important, so they’re more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and up your reputation just like that.

Free Things

Let’s face it, everyone loves free things. So, if possible, arrange for a simple (possibly generic) bag of goodies for your attendees to head home with. This is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces and they’ll be in the perfect mood to sit through an event.


There are always competing brands ready to take your clients away from you. So you need to treat them right and give them no reason to want to leave. The best way to go about this is to offer rewards. An event is a great way to introduce more incentives and exclusive discounts!


Your venue makes the very first impression so you definitely don’t want to skimp out if you want to impress. For example, A purpose built conference centre in Geelongs’ Eastern Park would suit your every corporate need while ensuring the comfort of your event attendees. They’ll also be given the option of accommodation if they’re travelling guests!

Energy Boosts

Your event might have the most interesting content but no one likes to sit in one place for too long. Schedule it so that the event itself has short sessions marked by regular breaks. Have a networking area and food station for those who are in need of a little energy boost!


We’ve all been to that event or meeting where you have to sit through the most boring of sessions just because the speaker isn’t engaging enough. Do your research well. If you’re hiring a speaker, she/he has to have a pleasant, engaging presence that won’t bore the attendees to sleep. This aspect will make or break your event!

These are the best ways you can go about ensuring that your attendees are satisfied at an event! Remember, it’s all about making them feel appreciated and important!

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