Event planning isn’t an easy job for first-time planners. It requires careful planning and execution. Primarily, an event’s planner task is to look for a location where the event will be held. But if you’re an event planner for quite a long time now, a checklist will still come in handy to make your event successful. And it will help you feel more confident, knowing that you haven’t missed anything. However, as an event planner, you will tend to miss some important details, that’s why you have to list down and double-check everything. Here are some of the items you need to have for your event-planning.


As an event planner, your main responsibility is to look for a location for your event. It can be in a café, library, Museum, restaurant, spa or salon. When planning for an event, you have to confirm the flow of the program and the list of activities like the direction of foot traffic. Check the ambiance. Make sure to do an ocular and take a closer look at its decoration and them.


Be sure to sign all the contracts for your event, and this involves the client, venue, and entertainment. Don’t forget to have your copies, too. Get everything in writing, and don’t do anything until the papers have been signed. If you will be having a bigger event, especially outdoors, you will need a portable toilet. Check out the cheap portable toilet hire, and get one for your event needs.


Have a budget for your event and stick to it as much as possible. But if there are unexpected expenses, you have to let your client know about it right away. That’s why it’s important to have a checklist, so you will have an idea of how much your event will cost or if you have to lower any of them.

Date and Time

Plan the date and time of the event, and be sure that everyone who has confirmed attendance will be there. Follow-up by sending an email or making a phone call.

Get Help

Hire additional help on the day of your event. This step is one of the major mistakes some event planners make. So, prevent it by hiring the right people that can help your event spell success.


Sending reminders to your vendors shouldn’t be overlooked. Telling them an instruction once or twice isn’t enough, and it usually doesn’t work that way, with a lot of tasks you have to manage. Make a follow-up and send a reminder once in a while. For example, call the food catering service and schedule a tasting on a weekend.

Décor, Sound and Video System

Set up the decor in your event and be sure that the sound and video system are working flawlessly. Hire people who can help with the operation. If it’s a birthday or wedding celebration, it’s better to ask the celebrant to create a playlist of his/her favorite songs.

The event planning checklist will help you specify all the details you have to take into consideration.

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