Getting a unit at a strata property is not that simple. Although you own a unit personally, you still have some common spaces that you share with the other owners such as parking lots and parks. To make living in a strata property easier than the usual, most property owners hire a strata manager to manage everything. There are plenty of duties and responsibilities a strata manager has to do. Although mostly it is not that apparent, these roles are essential in keeping strata living easy. If you still have doubts if you all need a strata manager, here are the reasons why hiring one is just essential.

Gives Advices

Being a good advisor is a key role of a strata manager. You can always run to them when you need advices about something – whether it is about your legal obligations, resolving disputes, clarification of certain building rules, and a lot more. You can always trust a strata manager about everything you want to know as long as it is related to strata living. If you’re looking for a good strata management agency, Strata United can manage your Carlingford building no matter what property type it is.

Acts as a Mediator

A strata property is owned by multiple owners, each with their own different opinions and thoughts about certain issues. The strata manager acts as a mediator or a neutral ground between the owners especially when disputes arise. They are objective when it comes to communicating with the owners to create a fair and appropriate solution over disputes and other problems.

Keeps and Tracks Records

As one of the property owners, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the papers and legal documents since it is one of the strata manager’s duties. You can be sure that everything is recorded and is filed safely for future use especially when legal issues arise. From creating minutes of meeting, giving out meeting agendas, up to maintaining owners roll, you can be sure that all the data needed is ready anytime when it’s needed.

Coordinates With Other Service Provider

Another essential duty of a strata manager is to maintain the strata property. Aside from regular checks from hazards and damages, it is also his task to contact service providers such as plumbing or electrical repair. He can also issue a work order in behalf of all the owners when needed, so you can be assured that everything gets done properly.

Acts as a Leader

Strata managers should exude leadership and support. They need these traits in order to maintain order, implement rules efficiently, lead regular meetings, settle disputes and many more. He should be able to lead everyone living in the strata property and promote peace and orderliness between them.

Takes Charge of Legal Matters

They can also be trusted when it comes to handling legal matters such as debt recovery, insurance, and accounts assistance. Strata managers have connections with people who are experts when it comes to these matters so owners don’t have to worry about these things anymore.

With these reasons, everything is now made clear why strata managers play an essential role in managing strata properties.

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