A regular homeowner doesn’t experience a plumbing problem every day. However when this happens, it can cause a huge damage to your property and furnishings. Since these networks of pipes are hidden from your sight, you might not easily notice it when problems arise. Sometimes, repairing isn’t enough – you’ll need to replace your home’s plumbing system to bring back its normal running condition. If you’re not sure whether you need a repair or a replacement, here’s a guide to help you decide the best step to take.

Determine the Pipe Material

The type of piping material used in your plumbing system has a great impact on how long it is expected to last. For example, copper pipes can last more than 50 years while PVC pipes can last indefinitely. Aside from picking the best material, be sure to choose the best pipe joints, fittings and other parts. For quality installation of pipe systems, trust only the best plumber operating in Ringwood to do the task.

Faulty and Outdated

If you notice that the showerheads and faucets look old and outdated, it is time to replace them with new ones. Rust, paint and chipped metal can get into the water you’re using which poses health risks when the particles are ingested. Replacing these parts is pretty easy. Just be sure to turn off the water supply before doing a replacement.

Poor Water Quality

When the water in your faucet smells bad and has discoloration, this is a sign that you need to replace the plumbing system of your home. This can be caused by different factors – corroded pipes, blockages, and many more. Finding the root cause of the problem and fixing it immediately is the best way to fix it.

Check the Exposed Pipes

Even if the plumbing system is hidden from everyone’s sight, there are some parts that get exposed through time. Conduct a check for these pipes and see if there are something unusual with them such as pools of water around, damaged pipes and anything that looks different. This problem can be easily solved by tightening the pipe joints or simply replace the pipes if there are too many leaks.


Mould growing on the bathroom wall and ceiling is a clear sign of a leak in your plumbing system. Leave the bathroom unused for a few hours and check it if it has few wet spots on places where water shouldn’t be. Leaks can cause bigger and costlier problems when left unrepaired. It can even destroy some of your furnishings when the problem escalates.

Low Water Volume

If the water from your sink and shower doesn’t go full blast when used, this could be a sign that your water pipes have leaks or simply got corroded through time. Replacing the pipes altogether is the best and long-lasting way to fix this problem.

Noticing plumbing problems sooner helps a lot in keeping your home at its best condition. With these tips, you can easily fix everything up without spending too much on repairs and even replacements.

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