Styling your home involves numerous decisions. From lighting to wallpaper, to the color of paint and curtains, all these choices should be made by you. Mixing materials should give your home a unique look, as long as these materials are complementing one another. Using timber to contrast with glass or metals could give your home a contrasted look that still looks well put.

Your home is an extension of yourself and should feature parts of your personality. With the help of the versatile and reliable timber, you could have fun and let your creative juices flow in designing your home and making it as unique as you.

Styling Your Bedroom With Timber

Styling your bedroom floor with timber is one of the possible designs you could do. Having a nice floor, you managed to save money on buying carpets and or rugs. A timber floor could also give you freedom when choosing furniture since the floor is adaptable to any other materials; it would tie up and complete the look of your bedroom even if you have steel cabinets and glass table. Waking up in the morning during winter and colder season and standing on your feet in the hardwood floor is also much pleasurable compared to marbles or ceramic tiles which could get really cold.

Styling Your Kitchen With Timber

Timber in the kitchen is usually used to make cabinets which are a wise choice. Known for its durability, cabinets made from timber would be able to sustain the weight of dinnerware stored inside. With handles and knobs usually made from steel, or even from another type of wood, the timber cabinet would still match. These cabinets could also be customized and be painted over with your preferred color, if you get tired of its natural look.

Styling Your Deck With Timber

Your deck is an added space for you to entertain guests or a nook for you to relax. With the help of timber, unwinding in your deck would feel a “staycation” for you all the time. Place some board games or any other fun activities to do and your guests would surely love visiting. Another thing you could do is to install timber carports and decking. Carports under timber decks are visually pleasing and space saving. Having one also increases the value of your home should you want to sell it in the future.

Styling Your Bathroom With Timber

Designing and decorating your bathroom should be given a lot of thought since we spend an ample amount of time in the morning and before going to bed using this. Since bathrooms usually have mirrors, glass and other reflective surfaces as an accessory staple, using timber gives it an interesting contrast. Timber could be used for cabinets, vanity tables or even as a towel rack. Since it could also be painted over, it would not clash with the existing color scheme. Or keep it natural looking to serve as a focal accessory.

The use of timber in styling our homes is a limitless possibility since it could practically be made into anything and goes well with everything. With its durability, it could also be recycled and upcycled to be turned into different furniture once it already served its prior purpose.

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