Camping is one of the fun outdoor activities you can do solo, with your family and even with friends. Just like any other trips, you need to be fully prepared before going out to be assured that your camping trip will be enjoyable and comfortable at the same time.

Whether it’s your first time camping or already an experienced one, it pays a lot to have a checklist on the essentials just to make sure that nothing gets missed out. Make your outdoor experience great by preparing these items beforehand.


One of the most important things you need to pack when camping is your shelter. It could be a tent, an RV, a hammock, or anything where you can stay safe and protected from outdoor elements while sleeping. If you already own an RV then you don’t need to worry about shelter anymore, unless you really wanted to sleep outdoors in a tent. For single camping trips, borrowing a tent will do. But if you’re planning to do the activity regularly, investing in a high quality camping tent is important.


One of the main concerns when living outdoors is the toilet. Proper waste disposal is important when camping to keep the surroundings clean, and this includes human waste. Surely you can never find a toilet out in the wilderness and that’s when a portable toilet enters the picture. Before going on a camping trip, make sure to avail of portable toilet hire for Melbourne to have an accessible toilet anywhere you go.


Before going on a trip, know first if your destination has a water source whether it is potable water supply, a lake, creek or any type of water source. This helps you plan ahead on how much water to take with you to the site. Water is used on almost all tasks such as cooking, hygiene, cleaning and extinguishing campfire that’s why it is important to have enough supply.

Survival Knife

Of course you’ll need something to cut things when camping. Always bring a trusty survival knife with you when heading out to the wilderness. You can use it to cut ropes, slice meat or fish and other purposes. A pocket knife is perfect for use on regular daily tasks. If you want something that can handle even more demanding tasks, a neck knife if perfect for you.

Medical Kit

Always have a first aid kit ready when camping for emergencies. Pack the kit with emergency supplies such as painkillers, bandages, antiseptics and gauze. Head down to the medical store, shop for the essentials and simply stock them in a handy bag before your outdoor trip.

Insect Repellent

The wilderness surely harbours bugs and insects. Insect repellents are essential to keep those bug and insect bites away, making your outdoor stay comfortable. There are plenty of repellents to choose from and it’s up to you to find which one suit you best.

There are still plenty of things you can take with you that is outside this list. Explore other things and know which ones can make you comfortable and relaxed during camping.

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