Installing a solar panel will leave you with many advantages in terms of your utility bill, reducing carbon footprint and improving home value. However, you should be careful when selecting the best solar panel and also its installation. There are a few factors that you should consider before installing a solar panel system to your home.

Nature of Your Roof

Solar panels are very durable and last longer up to thirty or more years. However, your roof might not last that long. Asphalt roofs usually last around twenty years. Therefore, you must check your roof condition before selecting a solar panel because your roof needs to be in excellent condition to hold the solar panels. If not, it will cost you more to remove and reinstall panels to repair damages of your roof.

Some companies might charge you extra to install flat concrete tiles before installing solar panels so you have to check the roof layout, material and direction along with your roof condition. You will need an unobstructed space for the solar panels and the amount of such space depends on the number of panels you are expecting to install.


The location of your solar panels is very important because that will decide how much solar energy you obtain throughout the daytime. The more sunshine the panels get, the more they will generate. Apart from that you will have to consider the orientation of your home. Homes facing south, southeast or southwest will obtain more energy because they are above the equator while it will be a bit harder for the homes facing north. Make sure that no trees or satellite dishes cast shadows on your roof which might hinder the amount of solar energy you get.

Panel Options

Traditional, roof-mounted panels are the most popular panels. However, ground-mounted panels are also available for you. These are easy to install anywhere you want in your garden where a place that gets more sunlight during the daytime especially in peak hours. This method is more effective if you have a north facing roof or not enough space on the roof.

Ground-mounted panels are considered more expensive as it requires more labour and materials. Another option is installing your panels with a tracker so that the panels follow the sunlight and get the maximum energy and produce more power. But keep in mind that the more advanced the panel system, the more expensive it gets. So if you are willing to install a solar panel system, look for solar panel installers Brisbane to help you out.

Your Financing Options

The costs of installing a solar panel depend on many factors such as the type of panel, size of the panel system, the company you choose. If you do not have a certain amount already allocated or a budget decided for panel installation, you might end up spending more than you should. Have a budget ready before you purchase and check out the prices carefully before buying, so you will not end up paying more than you expected. So, select a system according to your budget.

Take all these factors into consideration before you install solar panels in your house. With the right amount of research, you will be able to choose a suitable solar panel system for your home.

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