If you’re looking for hobbies that make a little cash on the side, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll be discussing the best ways you can make extra money while doing something you love. If you’re interested, keep reading.


Starting your own brewery at home isn’t hard. Not only is it easy but it is quite cheap as well. This is as brewing kits are no less than a $100.

You can play with the recipes, customizing and creating your own until you produce some great tasting beer. This alone would keep you entertained as you’ll be intrigued by the flavours you could get.

Having a brewery at home does not limit you to beer production. If you want, you could produce hard alcohol- spirits. However, you’ll have to look for spirits home brew kits as you can’t use beer kits for spirit production.

Once you start producing alcohol, you can sell it to the people in your life. If you gather a following, starting your own store would be possible.


If you’re a gardener, you can easily make extra cash on the side. By tending to your yard, you can produce various types of vegetables and fruits. If you take good care of the produce, you can sell them to local stores.

If you’re interested in making more money, you’ll have to grow things that aren’t available in the stores near you. So, you’ll be supplying to a heavy demand.


Blogging is a hobby that makes a lot of cash. If you have a site of your own, you can utilize it as a platform for ads. These advertisements alone would rake in quite a bit of money. However, you’d continuously pay to maintain your domain to reap these benefits.

Advertisements are not the only way bloggers can make cash. If your website is popular, you can attract brands to work with. These brands will pay you to speak about the services they offer. The money you’d be getting from these endorsements is a lot, being more than enough for you to survive on.


Being a seamstress, you’re in possession of a valuable skill. You can put your knowledge of sewing to good use, making money off it.

You can lend your services as a seamstress, helping individuals in your neighborhood alter their clothes. Moreover, you could take it up a notch and create items as well, selling them in your own store.


If you’re good at cooking, you can make a pretty penny catering for others. You can put up advertisements in your neighborhood, informing people of the service you’re offering.

Hopefully, your food tastes amazing as word of mouth will spread, getting your more orders.

That being said, from all the choices on this list, catering is the most expensive as you need to purchase huge quantities of quality produce.

Freelance Artist

You can build a social media following for your art. This will create traction, allowing people to commission you for pieces.

If your work is really good, they’d want to buy the originals from you.

As you can see, there are numerous avenues to make money through your hobbies.

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