Gone are the days when organizations conduct business manually – the pile of paper works that need to be finished through pen and calculator and the manual monitoring of daily observation through manual recording. Without a doubt, more labor and more time are needed to accomplish these tasks. However, the 21st century presents new opportunities and new ways to do business. How? Through the incorporation of technology. Although technology comes in different forms, there are certain ones that are specifically applicable to your business. Are you wondering what these are? Read on to know more about it.


Back then, desktop computers were the thing for most companies. The monitor, CPU, mouse, and keyboard that, ideally, employees should have. However, with the advancements in technology, these desktop computers transformed into a more portable version such as notebooks. These notebooks came in handy, especially for field employees. It is also more convenient in terms of troubleshooting. Whenever there’s a problem, computer technicians do not have to take everything from the CPU down to the mouse to fix it. Instead, the notebook can be carried in one go. In fact, there are stores where expert laptop repairs could be done on the same day.

Productivity Tools

The computer would make no sense without any productivity tools in it. These tools could range from the classic Microsoft programs to the accounting system that the whole organization could use. Although the Microsoft programs could be considered as a “given” upon purchase of the computer, the incorporation of other productivity tools such as accounting software, HR software, inventory system, and even customer relationship management system largely depends on you. Without a doubt, additional costs could be incurred in the process but then, you should think about the productivity boost that your organization could receive. If there’s one thing that you should invest in, the productivity tools and software are the way to go.


Yes, computers are necessary but to maximize its potential, you need to create a network linking all these computers. This will also boost your productivity level as the employees would be able to easily share information and files. The seamless flow of information within the organization allows the rapid creation of sound judgments and decisions; thereby providing your company with an edge to quickly respond to the challenges that could come its way.


It may be the most classical technology to date but, hey, you should never underestimate the power of the phone. Through the years, it innovated from the classic desk phone that requires rotating the spiral numbers to the modern desk phone that allows conference calls. Not only that, the most significant innovation is the mobile phone that you can carry anywhere you go. Apart from the calls and text messages, you can access your emails through it, play with games, create a document, and many more.

You may be incurring a higher cost due to these technological investments but remember that these investments would worth it once you experience the boost in productivity, sales, and performance.

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