Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, and always tops the list of “the best places to live in the world”. It offers a variety of holiday spots for any type of traveler and holidaymaker. Be it someone who would like to go on a cultural immersion to one who would like to explore the modern city – it offers all the same within this massive country. Whilst everybody visits the most talked-about holiday destinations in Australia, one should also not underestimate the beauty of the less travelled places.

Mary Valley, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Once you move away from the coast you’ll have more opportunity to explore the mountains, trekking paths, cycle along the untrodden paths and go kayaking. Mary Valley is a lesser known area for tourists and holidaymakers which is filled with beautiful valleys, deep & dark forests, mountain summits and picture-perfect Instagram spots. The Mary Valley Rattler steam train is one you should not miss during your visit to Mary Valley.

Gippsland, Victoria

Its natural beauty with pristine beaches and the largest inland lake is still a lesser known spot for a lot of holiday makers and tourists. The lakes cover more than 600 square kilometers and are just over the dunes from the Ninety Mile Beach. It is also home to a UNESCO site; the Croajingolong Biosphere Reserve, Wilsons Promontory National Park which is the most diverse corner in Gippsland. If one is looking to have a holiday home as a second house, Gippsland is an ideal place to own as it is not a mainstream beach location.

Mornington, Victoria

Located towards the south of Melbourne; Mornington is home to around 150,000 people. It is an ideal place to wind down with its historic beach side villages, Australia’s oldest hedge maze, cable car rides with scenic views across Port Philip Bay and many more. Whilst it is a location that is not popular among tourists, it most definitely has the potential to live up to the same. Locals could easily obtain housing or living space in this area as a holiday home to relax during long summers. If you’re looking to transport your furniture to a new holiday home, make sure to consult delicate furniture removalists in Mornington.

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

This isolated island is an ideal tropical getaway for locals and tourists alike. This is one of the most underrated places in Australia which offers absolute peace and tranquility in the middle of the ocean not too far from the coast of New South Wales. You can snorkel and dive during the long summer days and take a boat ride to feed the tropical fish. One can even take a hike up to Mount Gower and take a tour to the Marine park as well. While there are a variety of inns to stay on the island; locals could also look into investing in this tropical island as a second house.

While there are still many underrated places which locals and tourists could visit in Australia, above are a few you could look at when going on holiday. Locals who are looking to invest in second and third houses should also readily look at these quiet locations as potential places.

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