You’ve probably faced traffic jams numerous times in your life. It happens to everyone, and we all hate when it happens. You’d agree that it is a nuisance and should be eliminated forever. However, this is not possible as they’re caused due to a myriad of reasons.

If you’re wondering what these are, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll be discussing them in depth. So, let’s get to it.

The Breaking Down Of Vehicles

One of the most common ways traffic jams occur is due to the breaking down of vehicles in the middle of the road. Because of this, the vehicles behind the one that broke down has to stay in line until a tow truck is ready to escort it out of the road.

So, the congestion would last hours as the tow truck may take a long time to reach the destination. And, even if it makes it to the spot on time, it may be too large to fit on the road.

As you can imagine, it would be impossible to prevent cars from breaking down. It is a machine and all machines give into error at some point.

However, this situation can be remedied, keeping it at bay with the help of annual check ups and preparation for the vehicle giving in. So, if its tire deflates on the road, you’d always have another one to pop back in.

Accidents On The Road

You may think that vehicles breaking down is the most common way traffic jams occur, but you’re wrong. It’s actually due to collisions.

Frankly, humans are reckless, colliding with other vehicles, causing the entire road to be backed up.

If a car happened to break down, the driver or other drivers could try and solve the issue themselves by repairing it. So, it would be up and running soon.

With a car in an accident, this is not possible making tow trucks necessary. What’s worst is, the lives of numerous people are in danger because of such accidents.

Parking Of Vehicles On The Street

If buildings don’t have designated parking spots, drivers place their vehicles on the side of the road. This limits the space available, causing traffic jams.

As the space available to move is small, the vehicles passing by would have a hard time to maneuver through, creating traffic until passing the obstacle.

Thankfully, governments have become more aware of this situation as it readily happens. So agencies like car stacker manufacturers NSW can create multi-parking systems.

The Space Is Too Small

If the road is too small, it would be impossible to drive two ways. That’s why it’s only fit for vehicles travelling in one direction at a time.

Unfortunately, if the local councils have not designated the road as one way, you’re in for trouble. The vehicles on both sides would get stuck in the small road, unable to back up and reverse.

As you can imagine, this would cause immense traffic for each end. If you look at this issue, local councils and drivers are both to blame.

Well, if you consider the above information, you can readily see the many ways traffic jams occur.

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